What does Vampire Facial do?

Bunny recently visited Elite Medical Aesthetics in Rocklin for evaluation of her skin and find out what options and treatments she could have. She is an actress and has been involved in many local movie productions in Sacramento area. She wants to maintain her skin healthy and beautiful.

What is Vampire Facial?

Dr. Ray recommended the “Vampire Facial” after evaluation. Dr. Ray further explained how the process would work: he would personally draw about 10cc of blood from her, then immediately centrifuge the drawn blood to enrich the plasma with growth factors. After her blood was centrifuged and enriched with growth factors, Dr. Ray would then inject it back into her skin using tiny needles (Microneedling).The procedure would result in firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin, thanks to the growth factors in Bunny’s plasma because it is from your own blood and your body.

Bunny was extremely excited to learn about a procedure that could safely and effectively help her to look younger! Knowing Dr. Ray’s excellent work and professionalism, she felt confident about going forward with this procedure.

Why does Vampire Facial work?

Dr. Ray believes the Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP) an effective method for skin rejuvenation. It is totally natural because it uses the patient’s own blood. The procedure is only safe in the hands of a specially trained and experienced physician like Dr. Ray, who is trained and licensed and performs the procedure himself.

How is Vampire Facial done?

When Bunny came in to receive her Vampire Facial, Dr. Ray began the procedure with an application of numbing cream smoothed over her entire face. To make sure she was confident and comfortable with the procedure, Dr. Ray explained it to her again. He then applied the plasma to her skin, along with the Microneedling. The whole process only took about 90 minutes.


It didn’t take very long, almost 40 minutes when Dr Ray finished the procedure. Afterward, Bunny exclaimed, “It was amazing!  I felt my skin almost instantly becoming alive again. Thanks to the Microneedling,  just as Dr. Ray had explained.  I felt so confident knowing the Vampire Facial treatment, PRP, would produce more collagen to keep my skin tight.  There are no artificial products and no laser; it is all my own blood!”  Bunny was grinning from ear to ear!

Bunny looked in the mirror; just as Dr. Ray had told her to expect, her face looked as if she’d sustained a mild sunburn. Patients who receive the Vampire Facial (PRP+ Microneedling) will look this way for just a couple of days, after which their normal skin color comes back.  Bunny correctly followed all post-treatment instructions, used moisturizers 3-4 times a day and kept out of any direct sun exposure.

After 2 days, Bunny went back for her follow-up appointment.  Dr. Ray was very pleased to see that Bunny’s face was almost back to normal color, and told her that everything was going exactly as planned. Dr. Ray is always pleased to see his patients looking healthy and happy. At the time, Bunny said, “I felt there was more volume in my face and my skin tone seemed healthier!”

As time goes by, Bunny’s skin will continue to show the benefits of the plasma growth factor PRP, which makes skin cells more active and builds up more collagen. This is a process which will cause the skin to become tighter and improve its tone and texture.

What does Bunny have to say about the procedure?  “I am so thrilled I went forward with the Vampire Facial procedure and, particularly, that Dr. Ray performed it. He has more than 20 years of clinical medicine experience and expertise in skin health and skin procedures.”


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