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Acne Scar Treatment

Improve your acne scars

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Acne Scar Treatment- Rocklin

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Acne Scar Treatment

Improving Acne scars

Individualized Treatment modalities offered based on your needs

Minimal - none

Varies depends on the product and services needed, Starting $150

Obagi Cleziderm MD Acne Treatment Elite Medical Aesthetics Rocklin California


*Individual results may vary.


How is Acne scar treated?

The first important step in treating acne scar, is to have a consultation with an expert. While It is absolutely necessary to stop active acne inflammation, now we can treat your acne scars and improve your skin with minimal or no downtime. 

 Acne scars when developed, may not improve unless effective treatment and procedure is utilized.  Some may respond to chemical peels, and some requires combined approach and treatment including fillers , Bellafill.

Dr Ray with over 20 years of medical experience, and vast experience in skin diseases, can help to improve your acne and your scars.

How to improve acne scars?

It all depends on the type of acne scars. There are variety of procedures available and Dr Ray can explain it all to you. Generally over a course of 6 months, you should see some degree of improvement through in-office and home acne treatment. There are some modalities would offer immediate results and improvement.

How much does acne scar treatment cost?

There are various methods available and depending on which one would be chosen for you. For specific pricing it is required to have a consultation.

Ready to get started?

Submit your request for consultation for acne scar treatment. During consultation, you will meet with Dr. Ray. He will listen to your needs and goals. He will evaluate you. Once consultation is completed a treatment plan would be created. In most situations, treatment can be started on the same day if you decide. 


To find out more about Acne scar treatments and how to cure yoru scar, fill out the form and request a consultation with Dr Ray.

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