Why Liquid Facelift is preferred treatment?

Over the last several years, non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become more popular, affordable, and effective. Surgical lift has become less favorite option because of the risks of surgery, costs and also drastic changes happen to the look after surgery.

What is it included in Liquid Facelift?

Most people coming to Elite Medical Aesthetics, ask for the natural look enhancement procedures. During consultation, Dr Ray would evaluate you and discuss your goals, then he can explain what options could help the best to achieve your goals. Fillers are the most crucial in liquid facelift and although fillers may be injected in different areas of the face but for the liquid facelift, cheek augmentations would serve the best.

Why Do I need Liquid facelift rather than other procedures?

As we age, The cheek bones over time lose the volume and prominence. Around mid 30s, the cheek bone prominence starts to shrink. The process could be faster in some than others. Some may not have prominent cheek bone in first place.

Cheek filler injections, if done correctly, would lift up sagged face, improve tired look and even smile lines become less prominent. This procedure may be considered as the first step in a liquid facelift.

What other treatments are done for Liquid facelift?

Aside from cheek augmentation, fillers may be used in the lower face, marionette lines, jawline, as well as smile lines. Liquid facelift may be combined with other skin rejuvenation procedures such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), (AKA Vampire facelift), laser, ultrasound, and microneedling.

The choice of fillers would be decided according to the specifics of each client. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, we have vast array of fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Belotero, and Radiesse) Botox also can be used in liquid facelift to improve muscles activities of crowsfeet, upper lips, or lower face.

Liquid facelift can take years off one’s appearance without surgery. The downtime is essentially none. It may cause bruises in some patients but in our practice, it has been very rare.

Are There any Risks Associated with Liquid Facelift?

Liquid facelift procedures are regarded as safe with very little risk for any serious complications.  On some occasions, patients have experienced minor side effects following their treatment which include bruising, tenderness, or swelling. Over the recent years, Dr Ray has done thousands of filler and Botox injections and the incidence of bruising has been rare. Aside from that, no other major adverse events expected after a liquid facelift.

Am I a Good Liquid Facelift Candidate?

If you are interested in restoring a youthful appearance, improve tired look and add volume to their face without undergoing surgery are generally good candidates for liquid facelift procedures. This non-surgical treatment is good for all different skin types and will work better to restore facial shape and contouring then using a topical solution. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Dr Ray has performed liquid facelift in patients from late 20s to their 70s.

During your consultation with Dr. Ray, he will be able to determine if the liquid facelift is the right choice for you and your desired goals.