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Meet Dr Ray

Liposuction & Medical Aesthetics Expert 

Dr ray has had extensive medical training in England and then in Michigan. Dr. Ray has been involved in tackling the most challenging health problems. While living in Michigan, he worked as a consultant hospitalist and took care of patients admitted with critical conditions. He has been involved in hospitalized patients care, academic duties of teaching medical students and residents, and a weight loss program.
Following his move to California in 2008, his focus has been on treating complex skin problems, wound care, skin diseases and aesthetic medicine.
In addition to his clinical medicine practice, he has been involved in healthcare management, leadership and innovations through serving on the Managing Committee, Quality Assurance Committee and Virtual consultation Platform Development. 
Dr. Ray’s office in Rocklin, is fully equipped, where all outpatient liposuction and fat transfer surgeries are performed. He is also a member of medical staff at Sutter and Mercy Hospitals. 
His straightforward personality and warm demeanor allow him to work with patients of all ages. Dr. Ray's dedication to artistic perfection combined with his diligent attention to detail is evident by his natural cosmetic results and thousands of satisfied patients. His reputation amongst patients and colleagues has quickly made him the "go-to-guy" for revisional and corrective procedures. 
In addition to his passion for cosmetic medicine, Dr. Ray has many other interests. He loves outdoor activities, particularly hiking and kayaking. Aside from being a talented cosmetic physician, Dr. Ray is also an avid photographer and sculptor who has an acute talent for capturing the complexity of nature’s beauty. The classic art of sculpting, study of human anatomy  has been the most vital aspect of what has helped me achieve natural, realistic aesthetic results for my patients over the years. No wonder his patients call him “an Expert”, “an artist”. It is this that sets him apart in his field, and it is what his patients love most about him. He is a sculptor by avocation.
He loves outdoor, kayaking, hiking and take a walk in beautiful trails in the palcer county. One of his hobbies has been sculpting. 

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About Elite Medical Aesthetics

Over the recent years we have seen technological advances in medical aesthetics and cosmetic medicine. We now have wide array of tools and expertise to offer best cosmetic treatments through non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures.

The changes in our lifestyle, medical advances, and technological breakthroughs have allowed us to feel younger and more vital through middle age and beyond. Our appearance, however, frequently stifles our youthful spirit. This process of aging often begins in our mid-thirties!

Dr Ray envisioned a cosmetic medicine center where everyone could benefit from the most recent advances in aesthetic and anti-aging medical technology. Elite Medical Aesthetics, located in quiet neighborhood of Rocklin, is one of the most comprehensive, state of the art laser and medical aesthetic and liposculpture center in the Greater Sacramento area.

Elite Medical Aesthetics is designed to offer clients comfort, convenience and privacy. We strive to serve our patients with a combination of technical expertise and personal compassion. Some who come to Elite Medical Aesthetics seek a specific change; some others desire a more youthful appearance. And Dr ray performs all medical aesthetics and liposculpture treatments. and of health care professionals.

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