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Important Tips when choosing your physician for medical Aesthetics:

  • Determine your problems and your goals.
  • Learn more about your needs and educate yourself on possible options.
  • Nowadays there are enormous possibilities and medical aesthetics treatments available. What would work for you may be different to what works for your friend and neighbor. You need to know which treatment would work for you, your body and your life style. It is essential to obtain an expert opinion.
  • “Be Confident in your Health, Beauty and Life”.

Assure Better Results

Follow these simple steps and find right physician for you and your needs which will yield the best results, and you will not only be more beautiful, but more satisfied.

Actual Patient Reviews:

 Schedule a consultation with no obligation with an expert physician in medical aesthetics

  • Through the consultation, you should know your options, expectations of the results, recovery time, and potential risk involved with the procedure.

Most advanced  techniques have minimal downtime from minutes to a few days. 

*Individual results may vary.

  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayati

    Dr. Ray is excellent with injections. I have a needle phobia but didn’t have any pain. This doctor is an artist and is absolutely awesome. – Google Review

    Deb P. Grass Valley – California
  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayati

    I am very happy with my results after my Liposuction. Dr. Ray and his Assistant are very helpful and friendly. My incisions are healing nicely with little to no scarring. I am almost 2 weeks post op. Pretty much back to my normal routine at home, work, and the gym except for running. I highly recommend Dr. Ray for this service.

    E.L. Carmichael – California
  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayatiI was greeted immediately by the receptionist who was super friendly! Dr. Ray was honest and knowledgeable; he made me feel comfortable during the Botox session. I will recommend his services to friends!

    Chris M.
  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayatiI was searching for a great doctor for my skin care needs. Dr. Ray and his staff were extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I am a patient for life and highly recommend this practice for Botox, weight loss and skin care needs.

    Sarah S.
  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayatiHad an amazing experience.! Dr. Ray was awesome and his staff was wonderful.
    Connie A.
  • 5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayatiDr Ray is the best Dr in the West. I have been getting injected for over a decade and Dr Ray is by far the best.-  Google Review

    google Review – Vanessa Y.

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Liposuction story by real patient:

5 stars Review Elite Medical Aesthetics Sacramento Ca Dr Ray bayati

"Just had my last post-op appointment. And overall I feel very satisfied with the experience. I had liposuction of the chin and neck in late December - the process was fairly simple from beginning to end. At my first consultation, Dr. Ray assessed the area of treatment and recommended neck liposuction. I was quoted via email and I then contacted them to move forward. In the 2nd appointment, the doctor requested blood work that can either be done with your insurance provider or Dr. Ray can also refer you to the lab. And then was scheduled with a date (3-4 weeks out). The actual procedure was short and relatively painless. I came in the day of my appointment and was given a few relaxers. After 1/2 hour Dr. Ray got started on the procedure. He injected anesthesia in three places - once the anesthesia kicked in he punctured 3 holes where the wand was inserted to burn all the fat. I was awake the whole time, however I didn't feel anything other some massaging in the double chin area. I felt some drainage come out of my right ear, but other than that I didn't have much bleeding. After Dr. Ray was done, they bandaged me up and placed a head wrap I needed to wear for at least 24hours. I wore my wrap for 72 hours or 3 days except when taking a shower (I took a shower the day after my procedure). I did not experience any pain but took pill the same day to help me sleep. I didn't need any of the medication after the first day. After 3 days, I only wrapped at night and by the 4th day, I felt like incisions were already scabbing. They were really not at all noticeable so if going to work after 3-4 days is your worry, you can definitely do this procedure and go back to work soon after. I was swollen within the first two weeks, so my results were difficult to see but two months later I can definitely see the results. I highly recommend Elite Medical Services.Yelp Review: Jessica

  • Vampire Facial
    *individual results may vary
  • Fillers, Smile Line, Cheek Injection
    ^Individual Results may vary
  • Cheek Augmentation
    ^Individual Results may Vary.
  • Fraxel laser, Lip injection
    Individual Results may Vary.

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